U.S. Army Veteran Dan Chavez

 I served my country and as a Veteran I realized how important is to protect the American Dream.

Sadly Veteran unemployment is at an all-time high. The best way to solve the problem, however, is for us to change course.

If we really want to help veterans, we should promote business creation that will lead to tax revenue instead of depending on  massive tax hikes that will  strangle the economy, or gutting the nation’s defense. Instead, we need to adopt a sensible strategy.   It is to the    community’s advantage to give a job to a veteran after serving the military.


Every post-war economic recovery experienced by the United States since the American Revolution was led by American veterans. We bring their skills, leadership, ingenuity, work habits, and values into the marketplace and make things happen. Veterans are the entrepreneurs, the builders, the doers, the leaders, the managers, that generate economic expansion.

As a Army Veteran I can recall one notable exception to this,  after the Vietnam War, soldiers came home to Jimmy Carter’s America—an economy that was chained down by recession, inflation, and dismal leadership. Not surprisingly, when the U.S. economy did rebound in the 1980s, many Vietnam-era veterans were rising captains of the economy.

I am anxious to be your new State Senator in District 29. This is where I will work at growing our economy by elevating our level of opportunities for Veterans and bring jobs to El Paso.